The Morgan Plus Six debuts at the Geneva Motor Show with great news

Morgan Plus Six

You may not think it through, but Morgan is one of the strongest manufacturers in the automotive sector . However, being such a small firm, many people believe that it is dead or that its models were stuck in the past. This last may seem, because the aesthetics of their products is peculiar, but technology , it is not like that.

This has been shown in the last edition of the Salon of the Geneva Automobile . In the Swiss event, they have uncovered the new Morgan Plus Six , one of the most iconic convertibles in the world. The reason for choosing this appointment from the calendar is simple: since the brand exists, its great innovations have been revealed here. In addition, this year, not only comes the Plus Six, but also other news of draft: a new capitalist partner .

The Six Plus remains true to Morgan's aesthetic heritage

Morgan Plus Six

The design of the Plus Six is ​​true to aesthetic code that Morgan has maintained since its foundation. However, the new technologies have been making their way, although they are only seen in a shallow way. Thus, on the front we have a small windshield, the characteristic grille of the brand and the four circular optical groups . However, the LED technology arrives in the daylight, giving a touch of aggressiveness to its imprint.

In the side view, the wheel arches front are extended until the birth of the rear. The doors are very small, providing just protection to the occupants. In the back, highlight the headrest surpassing the area intended to store the canvas hood . Finally, we find a bumper of minuscule size and the typical optical groups of the brand.

Classic interior, but high quality

Morgan Plus Six

If the exterior design of Morgan Plus Six It's classic, inside do not expect big digital screens . Here everything is in place and with a quality of execution and realization really high. The dashboard, lined in wood and leather, has three differentiated areas. First, we found a steering wheel with a new stamp and some digital indicators . Second, in the center, they have placed the clocks for the speedometer, account turns and climate control.

Finally, in the lower area of ​​the dashboard we find the exits of ventilation . However, on a sober set, a modern element stands out: the selector of the gearbox. This one, arrives direct from the models of BMW , because Morgan makes use of the same automatic gearbox that the Bavarian company uses. However, it highlights the possibility of choosing the seats in various skin tones as well as other areas of the passenger compartment.

New platform and BMW engine

Morgan Plus Six

Due to the small size of Morgan , the development of proprietary technology is expensive and complex. However, this situation is not an obstacle for their models to enjoy the latest technologies in terms of construction.It has been developed by CX-Generation and is built in aluminum , doubling the stiffness of the previous model.

Nonetheless, Morgan remains faithful to his way of building cars and for that reason, he has kept the wood in this model. Despite this, the final weight of the platform remains below 100 kilos . To all this, it should be noted that safety is not compromised either, as it is wood treated in a special way. However, it is not the only surprise that comes, because now it has a new engine .

 Morgan Plus Six

To move, the Morgan Plus Six has the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder online BMW . This engine, turbocharged is the same as used by the new Z4 and Toyota Supra, although its power is reduced to 335 hp and 500 Nm of torque. The transmission they use is ZF and has eight relationships. As we said before, it is the same one that BMW uses in its models, which is why it shares the selector. However, a manual transmission will also arrive later.

Thanks to a set of only 1075 kilos , the Morgan Plus Six offers first class features. Accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds and its tip reaches 267 kilometers per hour . In spite of these data, homologa a mixed consumption of 7.4 liters , a remarkable figure for a model of this size. However, this will differ depending on the driving mode used by the driver, as you can choose between Sport and Sport Plus .

Investindustrial is done with a part of Morgan

 Morgan Plus Six

The second news that Morgan has left at the Geneva Motor Show , is that he has a new capitalist partner. Through its website, it has announced that Investindustrial has acquired a majority stake in the company. The operation has started these days and will end in the month of April. Thus, the Morgan family will maintain a minority interest in the company and the workers will also have another small portion.

Thanks to the arrival of Investindustrial, the economic capacity Morgan is strengthened considerably. The first fact is the arrival of the new architecture developed by CX-Generation. Later, the global distribution will be increased and the customer experience will be expanded with unique events.