Renault Alaskan Ice Edition Concept: an exclusive design to move through the countryside

Renault Alaskan Ice Edition Concept

The Alaskan has been in European dealers since 2017, as well It is surprising that Renault has presented a concept two years later at the Geneva Motor Show. That has been the way in which the French brand has decided to announce this special edition that will go on sale in the autumn: the Renault Alaskan Ice Edition .

This pick-up can be differentiated from the conventional one by its body in ice white , which contrasts with several black and red elements. In addition, it has some decorative vinyls that cross its hood, roof and doors. It has black roof bars, black 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, side shields, shark fin antenna and a exclusive two-tone rigid roof , with a lockable tailgate. The latter can be replaced by a cover with a lock or by a protective cover.

Ice Edition Concept Equipment

The French sister of the Nissan Navara and the Mercedes X-Class has a long chassis for five occupants . The seats are leather and the entire interior is covered by the Focal sound system with 6 speakers with Dome Flax technology. In addition, this edition comes standard with an information and entertainment system, climate control and multifunction steering wheel.

Rear of the Renault Alaskan Ice Edition Concept

The engine of the Renault Alaskan

To move the Alaskan Ice Edition Concept, Renault has opted for the same diesel dCi of 2.3 liters and four cylinders than the normal version. When it reaches the Spanish market, this edition can be chosen with the two usual power levels for this block: 160 HP or 190 HP. Your traction is manually disengaged on all four wheels . However, it does not have a central differential, which means that when driving on asphalt, only the rear-wheel drive must be used.

In other markets , customers interested in this Alaskan You can also decant by the 2.5-liter gasoline engine or by a 2.5-liter diesel engine. Both coupled to a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed automatic, and with two or four-wheel drive.

Despite its name , do not confuse the Renault Alaskan Ice Edition Concept with a car prepared for intense cold. These vehicles receive specific modifications to be able to withstand much more than a normal car. A good example of this is the Volkswagen Amarok AT35, which was modified by the specialized company of Icelandic origin Artic Trucks. The rest of us will have to settle for the usual tricks to start the car cold. You may be interested