Honda CR-V, Seat Tarraco and Mercedes Class G have faced EuroNCAP

Mercedes G-Class EuroNCAP

Although the effectiveness, interest and importance were doubted for years Real of the EuroNCAP crash test , I think that today nobody dares to think about this organism in such a way. EuroNCAP has been a fundamental piece to improve the safety of all users of the road, because they have made it clear that we are very vulnerable physically but that it can also be countered with studies and technology.

Recently this European body has published the data and assessments in its known crash tests for three models that have just landed on the market. We talk about the new Honda CR-V, Seat Tarraco and Mercedes G Class . The three vehicles are SUVs, although with remarkable off-road capabilities in the case of the Mercedes, and all three have obtained the prized five-star EuroNCAP. Let's see your ratings .

Honda CR-V EuroNCAP

Beginning with the Honda CR-V , the new SUV of the Japanese firm (car that we have already been able to test), has obtained the 5 stars EuroNCAP with a score of 93% in the case of protection for adult occupants, 83% for child occupants, 70% for abuses and 76% for active safety.

Of the three models examined, the Seat Tarraco is the one that has obtained the best score. Among the scores we find 97% protection for adults, 84% for child occupants, 79% in case of abuses and also 79% in active safety systems. Of course, you get the 5 stars.

Seat Tarraco EuroNCAP

Por Last, we have the Mercedes G Class . It is surprising that a car of this volume and shape of the body clearly oriented to the use outside the asphalt obtain all the EuroNCAP stars; but that's the way it has been, and he has achieved it to a large extent thanks to technology. Among its scores we find 90% protection for adult occupants, 83% for children, 78% in the abuses and more than 72% in active safety systems.

As you know, EuroNCAP no longer only appreciates the behavior of deformation of the body or the number of airbags in case of accident. Now he puts a lot of effort into improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists , both in the form of active and passive safety. That is why systems such as automatic emergency braking with people recognition, the AEB .

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